PostgreSQL pg_upgradecluster

If the version of a PostgreSQL server changes, it is required to upgrade the version manually. This can e.g. happen, if you do a release upgrade of your Linux distribution. The below description explains how to use PostgreSQL pg_upgradecluster to upgrade PostgreSQL 9.6 from Debian Stretch (Debian 9) to PostgreSQL 11 of Debian Buster (Debian 10).

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Photos Hoevelmarkt 2016 / Fotos Hövelmarkt 2016

Auch dieses Jahr habe ich wieder viele Fotos beim 202. Hövelmarkt gemacht.

Die Bildergalarien sind unter verfügbar.

Also this year I have taken many photos during the 202. Hövelmarkt (30th September to 3rd October 2016). The collections are available under

build PgModeler from source

PGModeler ( is a nice tool to design your (PostgreSQL) database. It supports import from and export to a databases. Ubuntu 15.10 comes with a quite recent version but e.g. Debian does not provide it in the repository. In this post I explain howto build the application on Linux (tested on Debian 8) from source.

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