PostgreSQL pg_upgradecluster

If the version of a PostgreSQL server changes, it is required to upgrade the version manually. This can e.g. happen, if you do a release upgrade of your Linux distribution. The below description explains how to use PostgreSQL pg_upgradecluster to upgrade PostgreSQL 9.6 from Debian Stretch (Debian 9) to PostgreSQL 11 of Debian Buster (Debian 10).

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Tomcat: split catalina_home and catalina_base


Catalina_home is the tomcat installation (unzipped archive), catalina_base is the folder of a server instance. By default, catalina_base is set to catalina_home. But when it comes to upgrading Tomcat installation, having the possibility to roll back or to run more than one instance of Tomcat on the same server, it is easier to separate those two folders from each other. Continue reading “Tomcat: split catalina_home and catalina_base”