Photos Hoevelmarkt 2016 / Fotos Hövelmarkt 2016

Auch dieses Jahr habe ich wieder viele Fotos beim 202. Hövelmarkt gemacht.

Die Bildergalarien sind unter verfügbar.

Also this year I have taken many photos during the 202. Hövelmarkt (30th September to 3rd October 2016). The collections are available under

build PgModeler from source

PGModeler ( is a nice tool to design your (PostgreSQL) database. It supports import from and export to a databases. Ubuntu 15.10 comes with a quite recent version but e.g. Debian does not provide it in the repository. In this post I explain howto build the application on Linux (tested on Debian 8) from source.

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Photos Hoevelmarkt 2015 / Fotos Hövelmarkt 2015

Photos Hoevelmarkt 2015

I took some (actually a lot) photos on Hövelmarkt 2015. A collection has been published on

Hövelmarkt 2015
Musikkapelle Schleching @ Hövelmarkt 2015


Fotos Hövelmarkt 2015

Ich habe einige (genau genommen viele) Bilder für den Hövelmarkt 2015 gemacht. Eine Auswahl ist unter zu sehen.

Protecting servers with fail2ban – Apache HTTPd webserver

In the next part of the series, the protection of webservers is explained. In this example I use Apache HTTPd webserver. Similar configurations are also available for e.g. nginx. There are various reasons for protecting the webserver itself (webapplications installed will be described in on of the next posts). Attackers are e.g. scanning the server for vulnariblties or try to attack the server using invalid input.

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Protecting servers with fail2ban – protect ssh

As the next part of the series, the protection of the most common service SSH is described in this post. Almost every Linux based server will run a version of ssh daemon to be able to login from remote. In this post I will describe how to protect ssh using fail2ban.

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