Protecting servers with fail2ban – Apache HTTPd webserver

In the next part of the series, the protection of webservers is explained. In this example I use Apache HTTPd webserver. Similar configurations are also available for e.g. nginx. There are various reasons for protecting the webserver itself (webapplications installed will be described in on of the next posts). Attackers are e.g. scanning the server for vulnariblties or try to attack the server using invalid input.

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Usage of Sieve


Sieve is used to filter messages directly on the imap server. In this way, it can replace local mail filter rules in the user’s email agent. This is very useful, if more then one email agent is used – e.g. if the same server is used from different computers or operatint systems. In my case, the company notebook is Windows driven (using Thunderbird) and my workstation is running on linux using Evolution as a mail client. My mails are filtered by Sieve so I do not need to edit filter rules for each client.

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