Tomcat: split catalina_home and catalina_base


Catalina_home is the tomcat installation (unzipped archive), catalina_base is the folder of a server instance. By default, catalina_base is set to catalina_home. But when it comes to upgrading Tomcat installation, having the possibility to roll back or to run more than one instance of Tomcat on the same server, it is easier to separate those two folders from each other. Continue reading “Tomcat: split catalina_home and catalina_base”

Usage of Sieve


Sieve is used to filter messages directly on the imap server. In this way, it can replace local mail filter rules in the user’s email agent. This is very useful, if more then one email agent is used – e.g. if the same server is used from different computers or operatint systems. In my case, the company notebook is Windows driven (using Thunderbird) and my workstation is running on linux using Evolution as a mail client. My mails are filtered by Sieve so I do not need to edit filter rules for each client.

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